Fast Response Platinum Resistance Thermometers

Netsushin's UNR-14 probes have small diameters and very small sensing elements. These small size improves response time, allowing measurements to be taken more quickly. The probe transitions directly to lead wires without the use of transition sleeve. The shape is ideal for applications with space limitations.


  • 1. The smallest Platinum wire wound RTD
  • 2. Small aging variation.
  • 3. Better Reproducibility at the measuring temperature
  • 4. Better sensitivity.
  • 5. Higher stability because of lower self-heating.


Diameter 0.5mm Sheath pipe is available.

Ceramic elements are very fragile and generally assembled into probes. We have developed ultra small elements that have enabled to make probe size smaller and shorter.

Top:Netushin Ceramic element MODEL : C-0808
Bottom: Stainless Steel pipe φ0.5mm x L7mm ( MODEL:MC-0403 is installed )

Heat transfer to the sensor occurs quickly.

Time constants from 0℃ to 100℃ are as fast as 0.4seconds.
This sensor has low heat capacity and responds to even slight changes in temperature.

Custom options available

We can supply the sensors designed to meet your requirements. Custom sizes and shapes are available, regardless of the quantity. contact us for a price and delivery information.

Example Model number


Resistance Value(at0℃)Pt100Ω, JPt100Ω
Current0.5mA, 1mA, 2mA
Temperature Range-200℃~250℃
Probe Diameterφ0.5 φ0.8 φ1.0 (mm)
Probe Length Minimum 7.0mm
ToleranceClassA JIS ±(0.15+0.002|t|), ClassB JIS ±(0.3+0.005|t|)
Number of leadwires4 leads, 3 leads
OtherPlease contact us for a quote on your custom design.