High Temperature Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Netsushin in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a new type of High Temperature platinum Resistance Thermometer (HTPRT), model HTS-21-1000.
10mK Stability at 1000ºC

According to ITS-90 (International Temperature Scale 1990), the maximum temperature for PRT has been defined at 961.78ºC, the freezing point of Silver (Ag). Netsushin has developed new PRT (HTS-21-1000) for high temperature and realized extremely better stability of ±0.01ºC (10mK) at 1000ºC.

Comparison with Thermocouple Type R
Sensor Temperature Range Tolerance
Termocouple Type R Class 1 0℃ to 1100℃ ±1℃
Class 2 0℃ to 600℃ ±1.5℃
600℃ to 1600℃ ±0.0025・|t| (1000℃±2.5℃)
HTS-21-1000-3Ω - 0℃ to 1000℃ ±0.01℃(10mK)


・ Wide temperature range, 0 to 1000ºC
・ 0.01ºC (10mK) stability at 1000ºC
・ Available to place HTS-21-1000 not only vertically but horizontally
・ Better accuracy with few calibration point.
・ The longer use at high temperature, the fewer drift rate.


Model HTS-21-1000
Resistance Value at 0℃ 3Ω±0.5Ω
Excitation Current 1mA
Resistance Ratio R(Ga)/R(0.01)≧1.11807
Temperature Range 0℃~1000℃
Stability ±10mK(±0.01ºC)
Sensitivity 0.01Ω/K
Insulation Resistance
ITS-90 calibration Points TPW, Wn, Zn, Al, Ag
Sheath Material ①High purity quartz Glass
②High purity Alumina sheath
Sheath Diameter 5.0mm
Sheath Length 600mm
Lead Wire PVC
Number of Leadwires 4 leads