Small diameter ITS-90 platinum Resistance Thermometer

Netsushin and AIST succeed in developing the small size of PRT elements that have temperature resistance characteristics meet ITS-90 requirement for resistance ratios. Developing these small elements allow us to install them easily into the small diameter of stainless steel pipes(probes). We are now able to provide two models of ITS-90 PRTs with very small diameter.
These ITS-90 elements are also available for customized sensor, installation into small blocks or other applications are the options.


  • Resistance Ratio R(Ga)/R(TPW)≧1.11807
  • 2mK stability at 230℃
  • Probe Diameter 1.0 mm is available
  • Fast Response and High Sensitivity
  • Small aging variation and High stability


Model NSR-U230 NSR-S230
Resistance Value 100Ω±1Ω
Excitation Current 0.2mA, 0.5mA, 1mA
Resistance Ratio R(Ga)/R(0.01)≧1.11807
Temperature range 0℃~240℃
Stability ±2mK (±0.002℃) ±1mK (±0.002℃)
Sensitivity 0.4Ω/K
Insulation Resistance over DC100V/100MΩ
ITS-90 calibration Points TPW,In
Sheath Material SUS316
Sheath Diameter φ1.0(mm) φ1.6・φ2.0(mm)
Sheath Length Min.30mm, Max.600mm Min.50mm, Max.600mm
Lead Wire PVC
Number of leadwires 4 leads
Accessories Carrying case
TPW&Ga Calibration report
Element’s model number NSR-C-0808 NSR-C-1210
Type Ceramic
Size dia0.8mm x length 8.0mm dia1.2mm x length 10.0mm