Small Diameter Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Netsushin have developed the extremely small PRT elements, which can be set into φ0.5mm sheath pipe. formerly, PRT probe diameters were not available for such a small application. If a probe smaller than 3.2mm was required, inaccurate thermocouples were used for the application. Netsushin’s UNR-35 series is now available for a wide range of applications with real stability, accuracy, and speed.


As small as φ0.5mm lead pencil

Our Dia.0.4mm elements have enabled to make probe size extremely small.

Heat transfer to the sensor occurs quickly.

Time constants from 0℃ to 100℃ are as fast as 0.4seconds.
This sensor has low heat capacity and responds to even slight changes in temperature.

Example Model number


Model UNR-351 UNR-350K
Resistance Value (at 0ºC) Pt100Ω, JPt100Ω
Current 0.5mA, 1mA, 2mA
Temperature range -200℃~250℃ -200℃~400℃
Probe Diameter Φ0.5 Φ0.8 Φ1.0 Φ1.6 Φ2.0(mm) Φ1.0 Φ1.6 Φ2.0(mm)
Probe Length Min 10mm, Max 500mm Min80mm, Max 1000mm
Tolerance ClassA JIS ±(0.15+0.002|t|), ClassB JIS ±(0.3+0.005|t|)
Number of leadwires 4 leads, 3 leads
Other Please contact us for a quote on your custom design.